Options for Kanga

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4 in One Bucket

Enables front blading, back blading, plus all the advantages of a regular bucket. Open jaws to dump at full height. Use jaws for stump, post and tent peg pulling; lifting; placing rail road ties and rocks; moving broken tree limbs and broken concrete etc.

  • Kanga Mini Loader
  • Levelling Ground
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Grabbing Teeth for rocks
  • Yard Cleanups


The standard trencher chain consists of 70% tungsten faced rock teeth and 30% earth teeth including a selection of teeth combinations for varying soil conditions. 150mm and 200mm configurations are available.

  • For Plumbing Services
  • For Electrical Services

Post Hole Digger / AUGERS

Kanga offers a wide variety of augers to handle virtually any drilling need. Tungsten tip pilot and cutting edges for tree planting and sign post foundations up to 1400mm (55) deep. From 6″ diameter augers up to large 30″ nursery augers, we have got the type and size for your application.

  • For Fencing Services
  • For Planting of Trees
  • For Building Services

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